Setting your combination

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1. Open the lock

Find the side of the lock with lines/arrows, set the combination to 000. Remove the plastic clip, and push the silver combination lock all the way down to pull it away from the black carabiner.

2. Find the pin

Inside the combination lock where the silver lock housing you will see a recessed pin. This pin can be seen when looking "down" into the lock. If you are unsure please refer to the video above.

3. Push the pin inward

Using a ball point pen, push in ONLY the pin (not the entire locking mechanism).

4. Set the combination

With the pin depressed, select your combination. Remember that the side with the lines/arrows is the side to pay attention to. It is best practice to set one digit at a time so that if you make a mistake, it is easy to identify and fix. Repeat this step three times until all three are working properly. 

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